Parent Company

The parent company of Eisai Inc. is Eisai Co., Ltd, which was founded in Japan in 1941 as Nihon Eisai Co., Ltd. To this day, Eisai Co., Ltd. is one of the few Japanese pharmaceutical companies to undertake aggressive global expansion through substantial infrastructure investments in its foreign affiliates. These affiliates conduct research and development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Eisai has 10,000 employees worldwide and is a publicly traded company whose stock trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange and is listed in the United States under an American Depositary Receipt with the ticker symbol of ESALY.

Backed by the strong heritage of Eisai Co., Ltd., Eisai Inc. has built an integrated U.S. pharmaceutical business. From a financial perspective, Eisai Inc. has become increasingly important to Eisai Co., Ltd. and its worldwide presence.