Eisai is a human health care (hhc) company seeking innovative solutions in disease prevention, treatment, and care of the health and well-being of people worldwide.

The ability to conduct basic and clinical research in the United States strengthens Eisai's resources in the pharmaceutical market and helps the company meet highly competitive research and development goals, enhancing Eisai's proven ability to discover new medicines.

Research and Development is structured as a global product creation organization that has US-based facilities in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The company's areas of R&D focus include neuroscience; oncology; vascular, inflammatory and immunological reaction; and antibody-based programs.

Our clinical trials are evaluating potential new therapies for various cancer types where there are unmet medical needs.
A view of our global pipeline.

A discovery innovation unit within the greater Boston biopharma hub that consists of 90 integrated scientists at a dedicated state-of-the-art research facility in Andover, Massachusetts.

H3 Biomedicine is a leading company in cancer genomics based drug discovery, delivering on the promise of precision medicine.


Morphotek is one of the leading companies in the life science industry that develops novel classes of biological-based products to treat cancer, inflammation and infectious diseases.