Life at Eisai: Building a Culture of Collaboration and Innovation

By Neriman Botas, Executive Vice President, Human Resources





October 10, 2022

Throughout the discussion and debate in the emerging post-pandemic world about work-life balance and transition “back to the workplace,” Eisai has been laser-focused on creating a dynamic, next-generation space that makes returning to the office in our hybrid model feel like anything but the old grind.

Earlier this year, we opened our new Eisai US headquarters in Nutley, New Jersey, as the kind of innovative, people-first environment that makes collaborating feel natural and enjoyable. Throughout our history, one of the most special things about the Eisai workplace culture is the personal connections we make and the synergy we achieve by really living our human health care (hhc) mission.

Does it really matter where we do our work?

A recent Nature article examined how the shift away from in-person interaction challenged the idea-generation process that is the foundation of commercial and scientific progress in our industry. Interacting in virtual-only settings comes at a cost for creativity and idea-generation.

Absolutely! Studies show that face-to-face interaction and a free-flowing exchange of ideas bolster innovation. That’s one of the many reasons we designed our new workspace to make it conducive to interaction and discussion.

We have created huddle spaces, conference rooms of varying sizes, an expansive cafeteria, a state-of-the-art auditorium and new café bars – offering options to meet different work styles and needs.

We see this space as more than just a place to work. It is an opportunity to share and think differently about how our activities support our mission to make a difference in the lives of patients and the people who care for them.

Embracing Flexibility

After two years of working remotely, we understand and appreciate the value that flexibility offers to all of us. That’s why we also instituted a hybrid working model and Flexible Work Arrangements Policy to go along with the new space.  

“We know no two employees work exactly the same way.”  

With our hybrid approach, team members have the freedom to split their week between working remotely up to three days per week and in the office at least two days per week. The hybrid model allows the flexibility that helps our colleagues to thrive and enables the face-to-face time that gives vitality to our hhc culture and promotes the collaboration and innovation that enables our business to succeed.  

Life at Eisai

One of the great things about Eisai is that while we’re part of a global organization, we’re small enough to work cross functionally with people at all levels of the company. Our experience proves innovation happens most organically when a team with diverse perspectives and experiences comes together in an inclusive environment. Diversity of life experiences, work experiences, cultural backgrounds, business functions and points of view all help us gain a fuller understanding of the world, our collaborators and patients and families at the center of our hhc mission.

Today, as we plan for the launch of new therapeutic solutions, I am inspired by Eisai’s original thinkers and the work they are doing to create positive change. We have created a culture that fuels creativity and helps every employee maximize their potential and realize their growth aspirations. Check out our Careers section to learn more about Life at Eisai.