Why Holistic Treatments for Insomnia Are Becoming More Popular

By Lisa Spear





December 29, 2020

Sleep Review

Though many people with insomnia go into doctor’s visits expecting a drug to relieve their sleeplessness, stakeholders are moving increasingly toward holistic approaches. Clinicians, medical technology firms, and even pharmaceutical companies are seeing the benefits of treating the whole person.

“If you think about sleep disorders, and insomnia particularly, there really is a need for a holistic approach,” says Tushar Patel, PhD, vice president of US sleep-wake commercial and global strategy at Eisai. “We fully recognize than nobody wants to be on sleep medication day in and day out every night to go to bed. So, if we can really help patients understand what is causing the difficulty with sleeping, many may still need to be treated with medication, but many may be able to have better sleep without the need for drug therapy.”

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