State-of-the-art facility designed with scientific innovation & collaboration at its core

Science without borders

Our new cutting-edge 50,000-square-foot facility is strategically located in Cambridge, MA, to accelerate collaborations with leading research institutes in this world-class biotech hub.


Our facility has been designed around a novel open-lab concept, enabling chemists, biologists, automation and other scientists to work together in a single common and integrated lab space.


Our labs include state-of-the-art capabilities in medicinal and process chemistry, in-vitro and in-vivo biology, microscopy, chemical and structural biology, automation and screening, and several other discovery technologies and platforms.


Our office is designed to foster an atmosphere of mission-driven and collaborative science, using several new collaboration tools and technologies, with an emphasis on data-sciences.


The atmosphere of our facility emphasizes innovation through active day-to-day interactions that eliminate traditional scientific silos. Our lab, office and recreational spaces enhance real-time information sharing and team-based science.