The G2D2 way: Science and Innovation without borders


“Advances in human biology and precision chemistry have given us an unprecedented scientific arsenal in the fight to eradicate Alzheimer’s disease. It is our privilege, and responsibility, to harness this opportunity and deliver innovative solutions that address real patient needs.”

Nadeem Sarwar
President, G2D2


G2D2: Aiming to Eradicate AD

The Eisai Center for Genetics Guided Dementia Discovery (G2D2) is a focused drug discovery research site with a diverse group of passionate, dedicated and collaborative scientists committed to helping eradicate Alzheimer’s disease (AD). 


Recognizing the potential for human genetics, data sciences and precision chemistry to disrupt the drug discovery paradigm, we have established G2D2 to accelerate the discovery of innovative therapeutics. 


We are committed to accelerating drug discovery premised upon robust insights from human biology, and driving multi-disciplinary team-based progress towards addressing real unmet patient needs.


Innovation through collaboration

G2D2 is a science-first organization with one goal: deliver breakthroughs for dementia patients and their families. We prioritize multi-disciplinary innovation and collaboration to accelerate achieving our mission.


Increase odds of success

Advances in human genetics and data sciences enable discovery and development of novel therapeutics with increased odds of success.


At G2D2, we focus not only on how such data help identify and validate therapeutic targets, but also to guide novel approaches to drug such targets and match them to the right patient at the right time.


Seeking to deliver tailor-designed cutting-edge medicines

Our precision chemistry strategy - in the context of insights from human genetics - is uniquely positioned to deliver tailor-designed small molecule, anti-sense oligo-nucleotide, and other solutions for targeted therapeutics.