Successful translation of human biology data and chemistry innovation into targeted new medicines that address unmet patient needs will be dependent on unprecedented levels of multi-sector scientific collaboration employing flexible collaborative business models.

We have established and continue to seek several collaborations and strategic alliances with a broad spectrum of scientific partners, who will complement our internal scientific areas of expertise. Some of our current collaborations are focused on human genetics, functional genomics, novel assay development, structural biology and computational chemistry, novel library synthesis, compound screening, and translational biomarkers. In addition, we are proactively involved in helping drive several “pre-competitive” research consortia, and our scientists are actively encouraged to contribute data to scientific collaborations as well as publish research findings. To enable such collaboration, we have executed a variety of flexible, innovative collaborative agreements focused on accelerating the delivery of medicines to patients.

The AiM Institute is extremely interested in new collaboration opportunities aligned with our mission of realizing a new paradigm in human biology driven drug discovery. If you are interested in working with us, please visit here or contact us at