Andover innovative Medicines Institute (AiM)



Rapid and ongoing advances in human genetics and related sciences have provided unique insight into what determines health and disease. This, in turn, has provided unprecedented opportunities to discover and develop novel, targeted medicines.

The Eisai Andover innovative Medicines (AiM) Institute is an industry-unique commitment to realize a new paradigm in human biology driven drug discovery. We have established a discovery innovation unit within the greater Boston biopharma hub encompassing 90 integrated scientists at a dedicated state-of-the-art research facility in Andover, Massachusetts. The Institute’s exclusive focus is to execute novel therapeutic targets validated by human genetic and related data. To realize this vision, we have integrated quantitative, biological, chemistry and translational scientists, expertise and technologies under one roof to establish a focused discovery portfolio. AiM currently has assets in early stage clinical trials, late stage pre-IND and early stage preclinical discovery.

The potential for human genetics and genomics to disrupt the drug discovery process by validating novel therapeutic targets for specific patient populations is well established. There is compelling evidence that drug discovery strategies premised upon a solid foundation of human biology evidence are more likely to successfully deliver new medicines. 

Our culture is premised upon innovation without borders, and the ownership of a focused discovery portfolio by a group of multi-disciplinary scientists integrated within a single innovation institute and with a common mission: realizing a new paradigm in human biology driven drug discovery.