Career Growth & Development

Eisai is committed to creating an environment that enables and empowers our employees to grow professionally and excel in their work. This emphasis on “People Excellence” is what will allow us to achieve our human health care mission.

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO WORK IN A human health care COMPANY?

Our approach to talent development maintains a clear focus on career opportunities, performance coaching and professional growth and how all of these are tied to individual and company success.

Learning & Development Opportunities

We offer a suite of online and live programs to develop leaders at every level of the organization. In addition, we provide tuition assistance to encourage life-long learning and development. These programs combined with on-the-job experiences, assignments, and coaching help our employees achieve their greatest goals.

  • Developing a Growth Mindset – A highly interactive workshop where individual contributors learn how to adopt a growth mindset and use feedback to develop their careers.
  • Five Essentials of Management – A workshop for new managers that provides the fundamentals required for success in leading teams at Eisai.
  • Performance Excellence through Results-Oriented Coaching Skills – A leadership workshop focusing on the tools, techniques and skills managers need to be effective in their coaching and counseling efforts.
  • Converting hhc Knowledge into Innovation – A unique and immersive workshop where Eisai managers meet with patients and/or caregivers to learn about their concerns, feelings and challenges and generate ideas to meet their needs. The program prepares leaders at every level to guide their respective teams in an innovation process applied to a real hhc initiative.